Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Noblesse Mobile Gameplay, Characters and First Summon - RPG Android Games

#Noblesse Mobile is a new Android & IOS Game from Neowiz base on Story and Characters from very famous comic "Noblesse" at Naver Webtoon which has more than 2,4 billion views.
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Some of my own review about this game :
- Good Graphic, though it is not really polish but it keep the original characters of my favorite comic so it doesn't ruin my feeling. Especialy when your characters using their skills, it look really aswome.
- BGM and Sound not really good, poor BGM and there is too few voice conversation in game. It make game just like a normal RPG. If Neowiz invest more in Voice conversation, Noblesse Mobile will satisfy more fans, at least in Story Mode should have voice conversation.
- Gameplay is the thing that make Noblesse diffrent and better than many other Heroes collecting games. You can set up 4 members in a party. Each character has their own skills that make their role in party. You can control your characters when in the battle to focus attack on an enemy or to avoid Boss skills.

Noblesse #RPG is an exclusive game built upon the characters of popular webtoon Noblesse.The game is developed by South Korean internet giant Naver and Neowiz
Noblesse RPG Offical Website :

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