Thursday, April 13, 2017

Mabinogi : Heroes Android - Character Preview and Gameplay

" #Mabinogi : Heroes " or #Vindictus Mobile (洛奇英雄传:永恒) is a new Action RPG for  Android and IOS.
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"Mabinogi: Heroes" is NEXON genuine authorized MMORPG Mobile! The game with the classic popularity of the end of the " #Mabinogi (Vindictus)" world view, to reproduce the characteristics, classic BOSS set, large open field maps and other content, in addition to the mobie also integrated into the popular RPG play, the whole Map wild PK, free with the fashion, mass association interactive games, friends and other content, so you experience the familiar but refreshing #Mabinogi world!
As "Mabinogi: Heroes"  is in the development stage, if gamer encountered unusual situation, hope you guys to give us time feedback and suggestions!
"Mabinogi: Heroes" will be in your support and tolerance under the continuous improvement, more perfect!

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